XR Motion Capture

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Fast, Playful, & Collaborative Production

Our mission is to empower storytellers, 3D artists, and actors with a new, intuitive workflow. Record and edit performance capture in layers, whether you are working from the comfort of your home or in a studio. All you need to get going is off-the-shelf hardware and some video editing skills.

CONNECT already accessible hardware FOR TRACKING ‚Äč

With Marionette there is no need for costly equipment or large studio space. Combine inputs from webcam, phone, VR, and/or a microphone to record performance capture in no time.

Record, Import, & Combine

Use our video editing inspired workflow to record in layers. Mix your recordings with imported animations and audio.

Use the power of VR

See your work in real dimensions - instantly! Scale, spawn, and move in a weightless environment. Work remotely while being physically present in virtual space, with your team, or customers! (coming soon)

Synced workflow

Refine your work using all Marionette applications in sync. Stream real time to Unity.

export to industry pipelines

Use Marionette to export to standard formats such as fbx, gtlf, usd, etc. Continue your projects in standard industry pipelines.

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