In this section you can download the latest version of Marionette as well as download previous releases. You do not need to enter your license again to update your software version.

This is the installation guide for the desktop software.

Need help on what hardware to buy? Visit this section for our personal recommendations.

This short guide will help you setup your camera spacing using 2 or 3 cameras.

Marionette lets you create motion capture data in 2 ways, In-App and Pre-Recorded.

This guide will walk you through In-App motion capture recording. This guide requires at least 2 web cameras connected to your computer.

This guide will walk you through using your Pre-recorded videos in Marionette to extract motion capture. It is recommended to use at least 3 web cameras for this guide.

This guide will walk you through calibrating your lenses and will be referenced inside the Recording guides if/when you will need to perform the calibrations.

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