Hardware Tips

What kind of camera should I use?

Any camera that can be connected as a USB webcam.

Examples include:
– Webcams
– Go-pro cameras
– DSLR cameras
– Smartphones and tablets.

Camera resolution: 720p or higher.
Camera FPS: 30 fps or 60 fps.
Camera FoV: For a 4×4 meter space we recommend cameras with up to 120 degrees of field of view. If the image is distorted, the movement cannot be captured correctly. For example, a fisheye lens will distort the image and cannot be used because it will distort the motion.
Camera count: 2-3 cameras.

It is best to actually plug and test your device. When using battery-powered equipment such as smartphones, be careful not to run out of battery.

Make sure to have USB extension cables and tripods to put your cameras at the correct height.

Computer Specs

OS: Windows
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 or newer.

Wired or wireless?

Body & Hands:
Currently, we only support wired connections.

Currently, we only support wireless connections on an iPhone.

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