Lens Calibration Guide

***Read through this guide at least once before putting the steps into action.***

Creating Lens Calibration can be done with either real-time streaming or a pre-recorded video (chosen in step 2). In this guide we will outline the general steps for pre-recorded video, since the steps are close to identical.

1. Record Lens Calibration Videos

  • Collect the 2 (or more) cameras that are going to be used to capture motion.
  • Locate the file “Marionette_Data\StreamingAssets\calib.io_checker_200x150_6x10_15.pdf” (or download it here)

You need to do one calibration for each camera TYPE you have. For example, if you have 3 of the same camera, you only need to do 1 calibration recording. If you have 2 different types of cameras, you need to calibrate each of them individually.

  • Follow the example in the video below. You need to record the checker board from all 4 angles.
  • Save the video file(s) to your desktop for later.

In Marionette:

2. Add A New Lens Preset 
(could be done from different locations)

  • Open the “Recording” panel.
  • Press the “+” icon.

This will open 2 things:

  • “Marionette_Data\StreamingAssets\calib.io_checker_200x150_6x10_15.pdf”.
  • The lens calibration.
  • If doing real-time calibration, choose “Webcam” and select the camera and resolution to calibrate with.
  • If doing video calibration, choose  “Prerecorded Video” option and provide the path to the video (The resolution from the video will be used for creating the preset).

3. Follow The On Screen Instructions

  • Press “Spacebar” on your keyboard when each angle is in frame.
  • You need to do this 10 times. The green bar will indicate when you are finished.
  • Make sure to get all the different angles.

4. Calibration Completed

  • Once enough shots are taken, the calibration will close and the data will be filled out in the new preset you created.
  • You can rename your preset now.
  • If you would like to change the preset, you could rerun the calibration by selecting the “Start Recalibration”.

If you are using different cameras, you need to repeat the process to generate new presets. 

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