Recording Methods

Marionette lets you create motion capture data in 2 ways.

***Please follow the in-app tutorial on how to calibrate and record in Marionette.***

In-App recording:
Lets you record motion right at your desk so you can instantly export to your favorite 3D applications, allowing you to stay in your workflow. Connect cameras through USB and record directly in Marionette. This method lets you control the recording from inside Marionette with up to 3 connected cameras and will give you a real time preview.

Lets you set up cameras in any environment and record without the need for a computer. Record videos on external cameras and import them manually into Marionette. This method lets you record anywhere (for instance outdoors) without the need of a computer and with as many cameras as you want. However you will not have a preview or be able to control recording from inside marionette.

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